Letterheads – The Rules

When it comes to your company letter headed paper design you could easily be forgiven for focusing only on letterhead design and the type of paper you use to print them. However, it is important to remember that your company letterheaded paper needs to meet several legal requirements.  Thankfully these requirements are fairly easy to follow and they also vary depending on the type of business you have.

Letter Headed Paper – Sole Trader Rules

As a sole trader you can either trade under your own name, or you can select to trade under different business name. If you use a business name different from your own name, you must make sure that include your name, business address and contact details on all your letter headed paper.

Letter Headed Paper – Partnership Business Rules

As a partnership business your letter headed paper, form and even your invoices should include:

  • The names of all partners
  • Address of the main office

In the case of many partners, we suggest that you add a web address where a list of partners can be located.

Letter Headed Paper – Limited Company Rules

When trading as a limited company, the letter headed paper you use should include:

  • The full name of your limited company
  • The number and place of registration
  • The companies registered address

For a limited company you do not have to include the names of the directors on the letter headed paper, but if you wish to name directors that is acceptable.

Most letter headed paper includes a telephone and fax number (if they still exist), website address and email address.

In addition to the above rules, certain businesses must state the following information their business letter headed paper and forms:

  • An investment company (reference section 266 of the Companies Act 1985) must show that it is such a company.
  • Companies who have share capital, it is optional to share this information, but the paid-up share capital must be specified.
  • Charities who don’t have the words ‘charity’ or ‘charitable’ in their name, must show that they are a charity on their letter headed paper.

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