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Newstyle offers low cost quality letter headed paper printing. Don’t have a letter head design? Our in house design team can help. Just let us know your requirements for your letter headed paper, and we can put together the right letter head design for your business. Newstyle also offer a full branding service to spruce up or completely re-brand your company’s overall look.

The bulk of business letter headed paper printing is done on A4 (210mm x 297mm) although sometimes A5 (148mm x 210mm) letter headed paper and other adapted sizes are sometimes used.

Below is some general information on letter headed paper printing, if you would like to know more read on, or instead give us a call on 0844 756 7000 for a free quote.

Letter Headed Paper Printing & The Law (UK)

Letter headed paper printing in the UK requires certain information that need to be displayed by law if you are a UK. The business name must be included, the place of registration, the registered number and the address of the registered office. For example, if your company name is Greater London Plumbers & Sons Limited but you trade, or are mainly known as Greater London Plumbers or your logo only shows part of the name, then you have to include the full registered business name on your letter headed paper. There is no need to include the names of the owners/directors on the letterhead; however, if you choose to name the directors you must ensure all the directors are mentioned. There is more to letter headed printing than you thought, right?

What kind of paper is letter headed paper printed on?

The majority of the letter headed paper we produce is printed on 100gsm Offset Single Sided and 100gsm Double Sided paper. We find that this quality of paper weight is enough to create a professional looking template for any business article or letter. Other weights are available on request. All UK businesses require letter headed paper as standard. Letter headed paper provides a personalised corporate appearance when writing to clients, suppliers and colleagues alike. Choose our value range of 90gsm offset or our most prevalent premium range of 120gsm offset paper.

A custom-made letterhead will help a business to carve out a visual identity and connect with customers, and by using Newstyle Print’s service your business can also have these created in tandem with envelopes, business cards, and catalogues to ensure that your business has a coherent, professional identity across all of its promotional materials. We offer a whole suite of design and printing options so that you can create letterheads that impress your customers every time.

How should you approach the design of your letter headed paper?

The design for your letter headed paper should be a priority. A poor design will just get overlooked, not taken seriously or maybe even worse…it may get binned!

The common mistake of new businesses these days when it comes to letter headed paper printing is to print a load of cheap letterheads using a bells and whistles quick template tool.  Here are Newstyle Print we believe that you would get a much better result from a professional letter headed paper professionally designed on a thicker paper stock. Your letter headed paper should should who you are and what services you offer instantly. As we said before, your letter headed paper should also have your contact details clearly stated on them. First impressions count in business, so a professionally designed letterhead could be make all the difference. If you’re struggling with a design for your letterheads, drop us a line on 0844 756 7000 and one of our talented graphic designer could help.

Reliable Letter Headed Paper Printing is important!

Using a reliable letter headed paper printer when you next come to order your Letterheads is a good idea. Of course, we would be happy to help you and we believe we have some of the cheapest and the one of the most reliable services in the UK. Our normal turnaround is 5 – 6 working days, delivery is free and we can even express your order (at a small cost) to arrive with you within 48 hours.

The Definition of Letter Headed Paper

Letter headed paper consists of a heading at the top of a sheet of paper (Normally A4 in size). The letterhead normally involves a heading which usually consists of a name, address, logo and sometimes can even include a background colour or pattern. The term “letter headed paper” or indeed “letterhead” is often used to describe the whole page imprinted with the heading.

The letter headed paper for use in business will 9 times out of ten affect how people you’re your company. A great looking letterhead maybe the first opportunity you have to showcase your business. It is imperative that the letter headed paper design you create reflects the image you want portray. Your letterhead will not only need to give the customer your business name & address details, it will also need generate a professional image reflecting the value of your products and/or services.

The overall design for your letter head paper should direct your business’s character. A good letterhead designed for a firm that wholesales babies clothes should be different from letter headed paper used in say a lawyers. Whatever happens it needs to reflect the nature of your business to create the correct image. You can manipulate the image on your letter headed paper, by using such elements like – your logo, graphic colours, various typestyles and of course the paper stock on which it is printed.

The elements to use on your letter headed paper should considered carefully and reference the following factors:

Company logo, do you have one? If you do, the logo to should appear on the letterhead. If you don’t have a company logo, then contemplate having a professional design one for you – it is a good way and a fun way of experimenting with your company’s personality. When you have decided on a logo, you can then of course use it on your business card printing and envelope printing. The logo can in fact be used on all other marketing materials your company wishes to use. If you consistently use it on all company materials it will build consistency and your brand recognition.
Think about the colours that are used to best represent your company image? If you use a colour scheme on other printed materials, you should really try and keep consistency and incorporate the colours into your letter headed paper. Doing so will maintain the company’s identity thorough it’s associated colour scheme.

What typestyle should use for your company name? Select a type face that echoes the perception of your company’s image, different type faces can create different images. The typeface used for the rest of your letterhead’s main content should also be a consideration. Ideally limit the typefaces on your letter headed paper to no more than two different styles.
Now it’s time to decide on what information is important to be added to the printed letterhead. Remember to use such things as your company name, company address and contact telephone numbers. Company slogan? If so, use it on the letterhead as well, a slogan is a great way to provide a targeted message showcasing your business and its ideals.
Here is a good one. The type of paper stock (thickness) that you use for your letter head printing. The paper’s stock, eventual finish and colour convey what your company is trying to say and how you are seen. Some people chose to use special paper types, ideally whatever you choose you should remain consistent across all your communications. Using matching paper stock adds uniformity to your overall business image.

Now that you know what you want from your printed letterheads, you’re ready to begin the design process.

Letter headed Paper printing – THE CONTENT

The content used in your letter headed paper printing consists of any info & data about your business to be built-in on your letterhead. The ultimate intention of your letterhead is to deliver info about your organisation. The content ideally should include the following essentials that are related to your business.

  • Company Logo
  • Company name and address
  • Company Contact name
  • Relevant Phone numbers
  • Company Fax numbers (if you still use FAX)
  • Company E-mail address
  • Company Slogan or tag line

Try not to include too much any unnecessary information. Your letter headed paper should not look congested and should leave enough room for the actual letter itself.

Letter Headed Paper Printing – DESIGN LAYOUT

There are actually several ways to choose the arrangement for the layout of your printed letterheads. The setup can be chosen through routine designing or by selecting a template.

Letter Headed Paper Printing – CUSTOM DESIGN METHOD

Custom designs for your letterhead printing offers many choices when defining the format. You can fashion almost any format that your mind permits. Copy location, fonts, colours and paper weights are only restricted by what your letter headed paper printer has available. Some custom designing lets you to use a design exclusive to your business. Please do keep in mind though that electing to use a custom design method will most usually end up costing you more than a template set-up.

Letterhead Printing – DESIGN

When designing your own letter headed paper it can be a challenge, but if you have the suitable rudiments to work with, you’ll find job a lot easier to do. It’s always a good idea to have a look through other company letterheads that you may be seen. This will give you an understanding and a sense for the kind of design you might want for your own letterhead printing.
The guidelines below will help you with creating the design for your letterhead.

Letterhead Printing – LOGO DESIGN

If you don’t currently have a company logo as such, it is a good idea to consider designing one yourself, or have one designed by a graphic designer. Your brand or logo should be a professional symbol of your corporation. It is worth investing in having it created by a professional designer as it will represent your business for years to come.
Here are some basic essentials that you should use to develop the letter head logo design.

Your Company and/or Product – What type of character do you want to get across about you; are you formal, courageous, jolly, young, practical, professional?
Graphics – Do you have an icon that replicates your business category that could be combined into the letter headed paper’s logo design? It could be images, lines, squares or other figures used to characterise an image of your business.

Font – Sometimes letter headed paper has a special typeface that is used to embody the first letters of the business’s name, such as the N used for Newstyle Print.

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